About Us

The physical conditions of all branches are appropriate to the professional standards of teaching ballet.
Ataşehir Dilek Ballet School

Sahrayı Cedit Dilek Ballet School
Şişli Dilek Ballet School
We teach classical ballet, advanced classical ballet, modern dance, character dances, piano, violin, solfeige, history of costume and history of ballet.
Our Teaching Methods: Royal Academy of Dance: We prepare students to enter for Royal Academy of Dance grade and vocational exams. The head of ballet department R. Ceylan Lek is a registered teacher of Royal Academy of Dance. Our students passed 2012 Royal Academy of Dance examinations with % 100 successes, %95 merit and distinction.

 ‘Vaganova’ method of ballet is used as it has been approved to be the best professionally teaching ballet method in the world. We have signed a contract and made a cooperation agreement with Academy. According to the cooperation, we are authorized to prepare and enter students for Vaganova methodological exams, organize teachers' pedagogy and methodology and teachers’' training programs which will be drafted by Prof. Kalina Bogoeva, to prepare students for Bachelor degree and Master degree. Due to the mutual agreement, our students will be able to have the university education in Istanbul, in our school and complete their degree by distant learning, staying in Sofia for short periods of time. Our Graduate students after taking their certificates are authorized to teach ballet or can chose dancing as a career.

Classical Ballet: We accept students starting from the age of 3.They are trained for 16 years. The education system is as follows: Primary Ballet Education: Baby class, Pre-primary, preparatory class, first to the eighth grade; Secondary Ballet Education: 4 years; Advanced Ballet Education: 2 years After completing each part students receive a certificate approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

Piano and Violin Department We prepare our students to take examinations of the Associated Board of The Royal Academy of Music .They also receive the diploma which is approved by the Ministry of Education

Our mission is to train students with love in the art of dancing in order that they can develop creativity and physical and spiritual aesthetics. Our graduates will have a developed vision of ballet and fine arts and will be well equipped to follow the developments in ballet in the world.
We also aim to train and educate teachers of ballet with a wider range of information in Vaganova and Royal Academy of Dance methods of ballet together with abilities of teaching and general information in matters related ballet such as music, history of ballet and costume, scenery, character dances, modern dance.